Sunday, March 9, 2008

Magnolia or Gardenia Favors?
Remember my magnolia bride? Well, we're in the process of working on her favors. My immediate first thought was, definitely go with gardenias (they're easier for me to make), as they kind of make me think of Hawaii more, but also I was not sure how my magnolia flowers would turn out. Kristy is having a gardenia in her hair as well as for her bridesmaids and flower girl, so the coordinator and I were thinking tie the gardenia back in to match the hair flowers in the bridal party. Now after making the favors and seeing the way they came out, it's a TOUGH call!

I definitely like BOTH of them a lot! Plus the whole premise of Kristy using the magnolia flower was because of what it meant and how the history and meaning of the magnolia flower embodies who she is and who they are as a couple. We are also using the favor tag as the place card for the families/couples/friends so it's more personalized.
We are going to do magnolia flowers for her cake which I think will look STUNNING! She has a square 3 tier cake in chocolate frosting from Cake Rack of Kona which I think the magnolia flowers will really look awesome!

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Anonymous said...

Your blogspot is beautiful and flowers and invites are breathtaking! Awesome as usual! Darn girl...where are you finding the time??? Miss you guys in Hawaii! -- Summer and the gang