Monday, March 10, 2008

Etsy Wedding Blog Talks about DK Designs Creations!
So I've been getting a bunch of emails and leads through my store which is awesome. Today I got a direct email from a potential client and I asked her how she found out about me. She told me she saw my etsy store front, but found out about it through the blog! I didn't know one existed but I decided to search for it and I got front and center coverage on this blog on Sunday! How cool is that! Whoever created this blog did so as she was helping her sister plan her wedding and was looking for unique and different but cool things for weddings. I guess she searches through the weddings section for all the things she finds are unique and different that brides should seriously check out! Thanks Etsy Weddings! :)
It's always nice to hear what others think of my stuff and so far all of it has been positive! I really appreciate all the nice things people have to say! It just reinforces in my mind that I am doing what I love and keep doing what I'm doing! It's so cool to see another blog site talking about my stuff! This year keeps getting better and better!

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onesmallstar said...

you're so welcome! your work is amazing, and you deserve a bit of a fuss. am so glad to hear people are contacting you!

all very best!

etsywedding :)