Friday, March 7, 2008

The Personal Side of DK Designs
I hesitated to post any personal stuff in my life, but this is why I do what I do.. Well, I do it because I love what I do, but also so I can stay home and raise our son! These pictures were just too good to pass up not sharing.

In between my busy schedule of pumping out orders, my husband told me I needed to spend a little quality time with our son, so we decided to go outside and play some ball. Aidan had a blast and we all had a good time outside and he was happy that Mommy finally had time to stop doing email and work to spend time with him!

These are some great expressions and moments, that we will always cherish. I'm sure Aidan is wishing that we could do this every day and Mommy wouldn't have to ever do email or work again!

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Anonymous said...

Okay...what kind of camera do you use. All your pictures look professional! Even the pics of you and Aidan. He is beautiful! - Summer