Saturday, February 28, 2015

Spring Flower Arrangement

 My wonderful client, Joyce asked me to create this piece for her best friend who's birthday was earlier this month. She wanted tulips, daffodils and gerbera daisies. She pretty much left the colors up to me but wanted it to be Spring inspired with pretty colors. I added some lily of the valley as well to this arrangement. Her friend received it last week and was so thrilled with the gift.

Custom Floral Arrangements

This year has been a year of many blessings. Not only have I received several wedding flower orders, but lately, I've been getting a lot of requests for home decor pieces. A Facebook admirer on my business page asked me several months ago to do single stem flowers and then she asked if I could just make a home decor piece with all her favorite tropical flowers that have special meaning to her. This arrangement has gardenias, pikake, plumerias and hibiscus. 
She also asked me to make some mini teapots of forget-me-nots for a friend as a going away present.
 It's been a great joy to do more home decor pieces and single stem flowers, as well as a challenge, but I enjoy a good challenge!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Gardenia Shoe Clips

I haven't made shoe clips before, but an Etsy client asked if I would try to make some. They are for a wedding she is attending this summer. I really like how these turned out.
Just thought I would share a couple of pictures of how they look. Who knows, maybe I'll consider offering them in the near future.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Orchid Plant

My dear friend from high school recently asked me if I could create something for her salon & spa. She's does facials, peels and more in the Monterey Bay area. She also makes lovely jewelry. If you live in the Monterey Bay and are looking for facial services or some jewelry for someone special, please visit her website at:
Here are some pictures of her orchid plant.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Eggplant Purple Peony Cake Flowers

A past bride/client contacted me recently from Australia and she asked if I could make a couple peonies for her sister who is getting married next month. She loved the peonies I made for her wedding cake but she wanted the peonies to be in eggplant purple or aubergine with a bit of bling. 
I love how vibrant and vivid the color is on these peonies. The large one will sit on the top of the cake and the smaller one in between the layers

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Custom Orchid Arrangement

My client and past bride, Joyce asked me to create an arrangement that she could put on her altar with a gold statue of the Bhudda. Joyce always challenges me with her requests because she usually picks flowers I haven't yet done before. She wanted dendrobium orchids, cattleya orchids, miltoniopsis and bulbophyllum aruicomum, which are the national flower of Burma. 
After Joyce showed her mother the arrangement, she said that I didn't get the bulbophyllum orchids right. The tough part is when you have to depend on the internet and you can't find a detailed image of the flower you want to replicate. Nonetheless, Joyce is very happy with the arrangement and is excited to put it next to her Bhudda statue.
She said she would try to get me a replica of the flower so that one day I can create the orchids correctly!

Cake Flowers (Poppy, Gardenia and Peonies)

I love how one flower can make a beautiful statement on a cake. It's simple yet beautiful. Don't get me wrong, I love a full cascade of flowers on a cake too, but there is also beauty in just one big bloom.
I had the opportunity to make these for a client this past week: gardenia, poppy and peonies. The peonies are actually a set of 3, painted with gold highlights per the client's request.
 This red poppy with green and yellow center was also made. Initially the client wanted a green and yellow center but she decided to have the stamens in black instead. So this one below is for sale on Etsy. You can find the listing here.