Monday, January 9, 2012

Orange and Pink Wedding Favors for Destination Maui Wedding

I finally finished some wedding favor samples for my client, Gina. I was fortunate to be hired by her to create her wedding invitations pictured above. She went on to ask me to create her favors as well.
Gina loves white plumerias and she was torn between having the orange hibiscus like on her wedding invitations versus going with the plumeria. I told her I would create a mock-up of each favor so she could decide. They are equally as beautiful and I'm sure it will make her decision more difficult. If she can't decide I gave her the option as well to do half and half so she can have the best of both worlds.
Lots of orders have been coming through the pipeline and inquiries from my new website. I'm super excited about all the new exposure and business. Now if I can just kick this cold and be at 100% I can create some more things to share with you.

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