Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Corals, Peaches and PInks....

Since I've been making wedding bouquets, I had a few clients tell me their wedding was called off. It saddens me when I hear that, but do understand that maybe it was for the best. The wonderful thing though with most of my clients who have told me their wedding was called off, later down the road inform me they have set a new date. Jill is one of those clients and she told me several months ago that they rescheduled their wedding (2 years later). She still wanted the same bouquets, but she has one less bridesmaid.
I love corals, peaches and pinks. Her bouquets consist of peonies, ranunculus, tuberose buds, hyacinth, tulips and Dusty Miller leaves. Jill's order was inspired by the "Yuanita" bouquet I had made when I first started making bouquets for weddings. Obviously my style and techniques have changed through the years.
I wish Jill and her fiance all the best on their wedding day!

Monday, February 4, 2013

All White Bouquet with Yellow and Green Accents...

 My client, Stacey isn't getting married until the Spring, but she has bridal portraits coming up and she wanted to have her bouquet ready for the photo shoot. She had asked for three main flowers: lotus, calla lilies and white Casablanca lilies. Her wedding colors are a silver, yellow and an azure blue. Her main flowers are obviously larger flowers so I decided to make lotus buds, plum blossoms and stephanotis with rhinestone centers to complete the bouquet.  I think it came out beautifully. Fresh and clean but with lots of texture. The bits of yellow and green really give some added dimension and break up all the white in the bouquet.

Cherry/Plum Blossom Hair Accessories...

 I had a little bit of time last week and a spurt of creativity, so I worked on 2 new hairpin styles. They are cherry or plum blossoms and buds mixed with handwired rhinestone sprays. I love how delicate they look. They are great for a wedding day do. Click here to check them out in my Etsy shop.
I also had a custom order for this blush pink cherry blossom gold hair comb with rosaline blush seed beads for a flower girl. Love how the gold just sparkles.