Monday, August 4, 2014

More Custom Arrangements...

My client Melissa, asked me to make several arrangements. The first set was of a lily of the valley arrangement in a silver mint julep cup and French Macarons. In addition to that order she wanted an arrangement of white peonies and bluish purple muscari.
 She wanted the macarons to be embellished with sparkles and iridescent paints in Tiffany blue, pink and purple.
 This was how the peony and muscari arrangement turned out. We decided to use a birchwood style vase for this beautiful home decor piece.
After she saw the first lily of the valley arrangement, she decided to order 2 more to give as gifts. Each lily of the valley arrangement has 300 blossoms and 45 buds.
 Truly blessed to have clients who cherish my work and continue to come back and ask me to create new things for their homes or to give as gifts.

Replicating a Holy Communion Celebration Cake

A couple of months ago, one of my long time clients asked me if I could replicate a cake she had created for her daughter's Holy Communion. She sent me the photos and I said I could do it. I procrastinated for some time making the cake because for one thing, laying clay on a styrofoam cake form is not my forte.  I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised that I managed to do it and it turned out pretty well. Granted, not as smooth as fondant on a cake, but as close as I could get it with what I had to work with.
It gives me hope that I can create some more of my own faux cakes to show off new cake flowers in the future. Although if you were to ask my husband and son they would say that I was in such a bad mood while I was making the cake. I stressed about it more than you know. 
My client's cake was a greyish lavender with a pearl trim at the base of each layer with dogwood branches. She decided she wanted the cake to be bigger than the actual cake was at the celebration. She was so impressed with how it turned out that she "mistakenly" thought it was the actual cake. She is so sweet to say that she thinks that if she can imagine something that I'll figure out how to create it. I'm honored that she has been one of my clients since 2008.  I'm definitely way behind in blogging, but will share some of the other pieces I created for her recently.