Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Day 3 - Miss Pineapple's Order

Day 3 in the life of a clay flower making professional... LOL... Yesterday I got a lot done although it also seems like I didn't get enough done. Being a stay-at-home mom complicates things because you can't work straight through and do all the things you want to when it comes to running your business, but I digress... I managed to make 43 copper-tone roses and 112 clay covered stems for Miss Pineapple's order. Essentially the flowers for the bridal bouquet are done. So hopefully tomorrow I will have pictures of her completed bouquet to share. I think the copper colored roses really add a splash of color and make everything else seem to just come to life!

Each rose is roughly 15-20 petals each so even though 43 roses, doesn't seem like a lot, it is when you consider that each petal is formed by one person, me... I was so exhausted yesterday, but I pushed forward to get the stems done so that I can start arranging tomorrow and putting the flowers on the stems. I will spare you the picture of the boring clay-covered stems. Instead here are just a couple pictures of how Miss Pineapple's bouquet is shaping up.

Back to work... Lots to do on Day 4!

Monday, September 29, 2008

DK Designs' Gardenia Hair Flower on Something Old, Something New Blog!

This evening, I got a Google alert letting me know that someone mentioned me on their website. Low and behold, it's a blog that I read quite frequently. It's called Something Old, Something New by KenzieKate Invitations. Not only are their invitations divine, Mackenzie has a great blog going. I've seen that she's posted several great Etsy wedding finds, but never saw my stuff there... until today! She talked about my clay gardenia hair flowers and how they won't wilt on your wedding day or well after the wedding! Picture perfect every time! It was also nice because one of my Etsy clients said it was the best part of her wedding day (besides her dress and getting married to the man she loves!) I LOVE my clients!

Thanks Mackenzie! If you haven't seen her blog or her wedding invitation line, check them out by clicking on the picture below!

Miss Pineapple's Wedding Clay Flower Order - Day 2

I feel like I'm writing a diary of my flower making process for Miss Pineapple! LOL... Actually it's fun... So Day 2, this is what I accomplished: 60 stephanotis flowers, a creamy white peony with a gold-tone center for Miss Pineapple's cake topper, peonies, champagne peach roses and creamy whitish green ranunculus.

Most florists I believe use the pearl pin for the stephanotis centers. I've never been much of a fan, probably because I usually poke myself with the pin when I put it in the flowers. So, I use flat back pearls instead. I was going to use the traditional white, but I had ivory pearls and they seem to have the champagne/peachy/copper tones to it so I thought it would be perfect for Miss Pineapple's floral elements.

The stephanotis flowers went a lot faster than the tuberose. I managed to make 60 in 2 hours! The rest of the day was spent making peonies, ranunculus and roses. Miss Pineapple's bouquet is actually almost complete in terms of the flowers. I just need to finish making her copper colored roses. Instead of putting pictures of 60 stephanotis flowers, I decided to start building what Miss Pineapple's bouquuet will actually look like to give you an idea of the pieces put together.

Today's plan will be to make those roses, clay stems (yes... even the stems are made of clay), and begin all the flowers for her bridal party's bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages.

Back to working on the flowers...

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Miss Pineapple's Wedding Clay Flower Order Begins - Tuberose Flowers

I don't normally show my readers the "in-process" behind the scenes look at my bouquet orders in progress. However, since it's Miss Pineapple, one of the "miss bloggers" on http://www.weddingbee.com/, I thought I would share the flowers as I make them. If you recall, Miss Pineapple contacted me in late April to see if I would be interested in taking on her order and if she would be able to share it with the Weddingbee.com readers. Miss Pineapple shared with me that she planned not to have any fresh flowers for her wedding! She really is a DIY bride and it's been fun watching her create different elements of her wedding details. You can check out her blog at http://www.emilycreatives.blogspot.com/.

Yesterday,I decided to work on the "filler" flowers first. First up was the tuberose flowers. They are a tropical flower that has the most fragrant scent. When you go to Hawaii, you know when you smell tuberose. I LOVE the smell.

Anyway, I thought the tuberose would be something very different seeing as Miss Pineapple is getting married in Pennsylvania and I figured they probably don't get that where they live. She wanted some cream elements in her bouquets so I decided to use tuberose and stephanotis flowers to bring that element into her arrangements.

For the good part of yesterday, I made 40 tuberose flowers. They are small... probably no more than 1 inch in diameter so the petals are pretty small and skinny. The reason it took the good part of the day to make is because the tuberose flower consists of 21 petals per flower. Am I insane you ask??? Probably, but you can see how much time and skill goes into each one of these flowers even as small as these. It just goes to show how much I LOVE what I do.

Anyway, these are some pictures I thought I would share... More to come tomorrow... back to making more flowers... Did I mention this order is 6 bouquets, 9 boutonnieres, 3 corsages and 1 cake topper??? Lots to do so back to work for me!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

DK Designs Clay Flower Bouquets - Orchids, Roses, Fern Curls and Shamrocks!

Another order completed this morning. This one seemed to take the longest due to the items requested in in the order. Amy, the bride, found me via my Etsy site and it just so happened that her fiance, Joe is allergic to flowers. She had almost given up hope carrying flowers down the aisle. Until she found DK Designs! At first her idea was cranberry red colors (roses, dahlias and maybe hints of stephanotis flowers with pearl centers). I sent Amy samples and she said she would think about what she wants and get back to me.

Her bouquets and boutonnieres contain the following elements: white phaleanopsis orchids, green cymbidium orchids with yellow centers, champagne ivory roses, fern curls, white calla lilies, hipericum berries and shamrocks. We did her bridal bouquet, two bridesmaid bouquets and a boutonniere for her fiance and her father.

She ended up sending me a picture of the bouquet she really fell in love with. She also asked for a few special requests. She asked for a 3 leaf clover for her bouquet to be tucked into her bouquet, but not be too noticeable as well as her Dad asked for his boutonniere to have the shamrocks as well. It's an Irish tradition, I believe. This bouquet was a lot of firsts in terms of the elements - the brown fern curls, shamrocks and hipericum berries! I think all in all it came out beautifully. Amy also sent me the ribbon she wanted as well as a monogram charm to attach to her bouquet.

I think this has to be my all time favorites thus far this year. I've always loved the green and white color palette as well as the fern curls. I'm enjoying making new things and hope to continue to add to what I can make out of clay. Thank you to Amy for challenging me to try new things. :)

Best Wishes Amy & Joe!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Check out The Wedding Chat - Source for Chic Brides
Okay, so I've been following Lea McIntosh's wedding blog since I was introduced to Stacie Tamaki of The Flirty Guide. Lea did Stacie's wedding in 2007. Lea has so many great and wonderful companies, just like Stacie that I had to share her blog with you. Lea has some great wedding ideas for brides from the latest color palettes to jelly bean shaped glass beads to decorate your vases and candle votives. She had this cool post about stringing LED lights into these beautiful large roses in an outside garden. ABSOLUTELY breathtaking!

Ready to Propose - Anyway, I digress. Lea has two great and innovative things in the works, she has developed a company called, Ready to Propose, which basically gives men and women cool and innovative ways on how to pop the question to their loved one! How cool is that? Even someone who wants to propose but has no idea how to do it, can look and be the part to surprise the love of their life with the help of Lea and her team of wonderful professionals. I can only imagine what Lea has created for these couples, but it's sure to be FABULOUS! Her new site will be up soon...

TWC Spotlight - The other thing I really LOVED on her blog that she just posted... is her premiere videocast! It's so cool. She along with videographer Andrew Hsu of Studio MSV created informational videocasts where Lea interviews the top wedding professionals in the industry. Her first guest was Wildflower Linens. Talk about breathtaking ideas for linen options for your wedding. I wish I had the budget to do what's possible with linens. Even if you're on a tight budget, Wildflower Linens gives you ideas on how you can still have colorful fabrics to match your wedding day color palette without breaking the bank!
Lea's blog is a MUST-READ! Visit her wonderful wedding blog at http://www.theweddingchat.com/.
Videocasts and podcasts are the wave of the future when it comes to bringing brides the information they need to make informed decisions about all their wedding day details! Leave it to Lea to start this great resource for Bay Area brides. I honestly have yet to meet Lea, but we plan to connect after I get through my flurry of October wedding orders! Can't wait.
Anyway, who knows, maybe you'll see a future episode of TWC Spotlight featuring DK Designs Clay Floral Designs! LOL! :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

DK Designs Clay Flower Bouquet - Pink and White Roses with Stephanotis and Mini Callas
Here's the 2nd bouquet of the two that I finished this morning. Talk about moving at lightning fast speed... I started these bouquets on Sunday and completed them on Tuesday. This afternoon I have a 3rd bouquet order I need to get moving on, but I wanted to share pictures from this bouquet with my readers!

This client came to me fairly last minute (back in late June) to see if I could create her bouquet. She LOVED my "Tasha" bouquet and asked if I could please squeeze her order in because she is one of my biggest fans... She would not take "no" for an answer and you know how much I hate to say "no" to anyone interested in my designs. Tasha's bouquet was filled with mauvish pink rose buds, creamy white roses, stephanotis flowers with pearl centers and mini white callas on the perimeter. The difference is that when I did Tasha's bouquet, I did it on a styrofoam center, but now I do all my bouquets with clay stems so it truly is a "hand-tied" bouquet.
So we talked about price and any changes in colors. She wanted more of a blush pink so we modified it a bit. Because every bouquet is one-of-a-kind, I try not to create the same exact bouquet, but something close to it. So even though Jessica (funny thing is both my clients are Jessica W's!) wanted the Tasha bouquet, I used it as my inspiration to create what you see. Slightly larger roses and I made the roses a more champagne ivory rather than just plain cream roses. The mini white callas with hints of green are scattered throughout the bouquet rather than lined up on the outer perimeter like the original bouquet.

So, basically you won't every get two bouquets that are exactly alike which I think would probably make my brides VERY HAPPY because they know that no one on this earth will have the same one as she and it will forever be her signature bouquet!
Congratulations Jessica and Best Wishes for a wonderful wedding day!
DK Designs Clay Flower Bouquet - Creamy White Peonies and Cornflower Blue Hydrangeas
It's been a busy week and it's only Tuesday.... Today I finished 2 bouquets, but the first one I want to showcase is a cornflower blue hydrangea with creamy white peonies. Jessica found me via my Etsy site and had a small budget for her bouquet. She is from Kentucky and she wanted Kentucky Cornflower Blue hydrangeas. I didn't know what exact color that was, so she sent me a swatch via email and I made her a sample.

I try to work with my brides to create a bouquet that's within their budget. This time around, I gave more than the what she paid for, but for those who know me, I don't do anything half-way so Jessica definitely got a lot for her money. I think she'll be very pleased with the end results. I have to say my peonies are close to perfection. I was quite pleased with the way they came out for this particular bouquet.
Each time it's an experimentation of how I can change my technique or the way I attach to make it look more realistic. This is why I love this art/craft so much. There's no end to what you can do and perfect when it comes to making flowers. Each time I create something I learn something new that I hadn't tried before and I think it really shows!
Congratulations to Jessica and Dan! Hopefully I did Kentucky cornflower blue justice. :)

Friday, September 19, 2008

DK Designs' Cake Flowers... Simple to Lavish but Both are Stylish
A couple of my clients asked for cake flowers. Both found me via my Etsy site.
A Single Peony Cake Flower
Marion requested one large open peony in a specific color to match her theme. She wanted something simple, but beautiful. Unfortunately I didn't have time to make a clay cake to show this beautiful piece off, so I had to just use a white vase. This will look really stunning on her cake. Even though it is just one flower, even one flower can make a beautiful statement on a wedding cake!

Peaches 'n Cream Anemone Cake Flowers
Emily asked me to make anemone cake flowers for her wedding in a really beautiful peaches 'n cream tones with the bold black and white centers. She wanted flowers to be decorated on the entire cake so I made 15 blossoms 5 of each size, small, medium and large. These will look lovely on a clean white cake! This one was a lot of work. Hand painted stamens and each stamen was individually attached to the center...

So regardless if you decide to decorate your cake with a lot of flowers or just one, either way, they will definitely look stunning!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Clay Flower Bridal Bouquet - Greens, Whites, and Blues
Today, I finished another bouquet. Megan came to me via my Etsy.com site and asked if I could create a bouquet that she had seen and liked. She wanted stephanotis, blue hydrangeas and some green elements. The original bouquet image she sent had champagne/cream roses, greenish lisianthus, bluish green hydrangeas, and bells of Ireland. She wanted stephanotis so we added that and she wanted the stems to be wrapped with kelly green ribbon and contrasted with a light teal accent ribbon. I think it came out STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL. I feel like I'm in a English garden. It's the first time I made lisianthus and I think it came out great. Anyway, these are the images of her bouquet that I wanted to share...

Congratulations Megan and Best Wishes for a long and happy marriage!
Trend Line - Flowers of Clay via Brides.com Wedded Bits Blog
Kathryn Papanek at Brides.com contacted me last Friday interested in doing a feature on their blog called Wedded Bits. She asked if she could use my photos and asked me to fill out a questionnaire. This morning I checked there site and this is what they wrote. You can read more by clicking here.

It's so nice to get more and more interest and coverage from national bridal books and online wedding resource providers. It brings what I do higher up and hopefully will spark the interest of brides across the globe! Thank you Kathryn for wanting to feature my clay flower designs on the Brides.com blog!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Check out my Vendor Interview on VOW Weddings!
Laura Nuzzo of VOW Weddings Consultants did a blog post about my clay floral designs. She asked me if I would be willing to do a vendor interview. I naturally agreed so that those interested in my designs could get an understanding of the artist behind the creations. Check it out.... http://vowweddings.wordpress.com/.
I hope in the near future to feature Laura and her company on my blog as well so she can give brides some helpful advice and give insight into the all things wedding! Thanks Laura!
Rainbow Sherbet Arrangement Gets Coverage on HWTM Blog via Estilo Weddings!
I was checking out Estilo Weddings' website this morning and checked out their updates to the BUZZ section of their website. They did a $100 shopping spree giveaway on 9/8/08 via the Hostess with the Mostess Blog! My rainbow sherbet clay flower arrangement was featured on the advertisement for the giveaway. I LOVE HWTM's blog so I'm so honored that Estilo Weddings featured my arrangement as part of the giveaway ad! Part of the quote reads, "clay flower arrangements that look just like the real thing." How cool is that! :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Listen to DK Designs' Podcast Interview about Clay Flowers with Ralph Mucci on TheWeddingPlanningAudiocast.com!
I got an delightful email today (Sunday of all days - Ralph, you shouldn't be working!) from Ralph Mucci, executive producer and show host of The Wedding Planning Audiocast letting me know that my podcast interview was now available on the website!

I honestly haven't had a chance to hear more than a minute into the interview, but so far it sounds great! The great thing too is that you can see some images of my work in the picture section to the left of the Pickle Player. This way, brides can see just what DK Designs clay floral design is all about. I hope you enjoy the interview and share it with your friends and family! If you don't have time to listen to it via the website, you can download it via iTunes and listen to it whenever you want! It cracks me up still that I can say I'm on iTunes!

I hope that when brides listen to this podcast it will interest them enough to check out what clay floral design is all about and consider it as a possibility for their wedding day.

It was TRULY an amazing experience and just like being on Martha Stewart, I would do a podcast interview in a heartbeat. Thank you to Ralph Mucci and his wonderful team at The Wedding Planning Audiocast for their encouragement, support and most of all, making me sound good! :) I cannot say enough good things about Ralph's organization and what they do. It's simply amazing and brings the wedding industry to a WHOLE new level! The wonders of technology are simply amazing!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

See DK Designs' Rainbow Sherbet Flower Arrangement in In Style Weddings Magazine!!!
Yesterday, I got an email from Maria at Estilo Weddings. She informed me that my Rainbow Sherbet clay flower arrangement was featured in the Fall 2008 In Style Weddings magazine. When she and her husband contacted me to purchase some of my items they had mentioned they were submitting it to a bridal magazine for consideration for editorial coverage. I had no idea what magazine it would be until yesterday!

Of course, I had to go and get it as soon as she told me! It's a great picture and I know it's my flower arrangement. I'm so honored still that Maria chose my designs to be part of her wonderful collection of wedding items she has for sale on her website! So if you want one of these creations, check out her website at http://www.estiloweddings.com/!

So in case you can't read the print, they titled it: "Eco Centerpieces" and they consider it to be "green-chic alternative" to fresh flowers!

Stay tuned for more exciting news next week.....
Clay Bouquets in Yellow, White and Green... and an Idea on How to Display your Bouquets!

It's been a very busy week of making flowers for fundraisers and wedding orders. First off.... the fundraiser. It didn't go as well as I had wanted it to, but I got my name out there, showed my flower arrangements and hair flowers, and did a demonstration. I sold a few hair flowers and raffled off one of my larger arrangements that once existed on my Etsy site. I decided based on what I sold that I would just donate the entire amount that I brought in back to Nordstrom Elementary Home & School Club. Education for our little ones is so important so I know it's going to a good cause! The good news for those of you who love my work, the items that didn't sell at the fundraiser are now available for purchase on my Etsy site! I'll be adding the hair flowers soon, but for now, you can purchase the flower arrangements.

My client Sandra asked me to make bouquets for her wedding and wanted the colors: yellow, white, green and brown. She said she wasn't too much into traditional and was pretty open to what I had to suggest. So I decided upon yellow cymbidium orchids, yellow tulips, white ranunculus with the green centers, green viburnum and white and also yellow freesia stems. Her maid of honor bouquet is slight different, instead of freesia, I used stephanotis clusters. I wrapped her stems in chocolate brown satin ribbon and criss-crossed the ivory iridescent ribbon to contrast the chocolate. All in all, I think it came out beautifully.

We also did boutonnieres for her fiance and the best man as well. For those we did yellow cymbidium orchids, white ranunculus and green fillers to match Sandra's and the MOH bouquet. The ushers will have boutonnieres with a single tulip and some greens.

As I was finding a container to keep the flowers upright to dry, I realized something.... Given the right container, your bridal bouquets can be a great centerpiece as well! Just check out how lovely the bride's bouquet and MOH bouquet look in these white, square pillar vases! STUNNING! So, consider your wedding bouquets a decorative piece if not for your head table, what about for your cake table or reception table? The best part about it is that these will also look stunning in Sandra's home well after the wedding is over. Congratulations Sandra!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Aidan's First Day of Preschool!
Today was a momentous occasion. It was our son's first day of preschool. He missed the official start last week since we were on vacation. We were hesitant about him starting because I had a disastrous day trying to get him to use the potty. Aidan is a stubborn little man. I told my husband that I didn't want to waste $268 for him to pee in his pants and be sent home until he's ready. But we decided, it's time for him to sink or swim.... Plus I think he tends to do much better when Mommy and Daddy aren't around to scold him.
So we got there too early to do the drop off system so we ended up just walking him in which was good because Michael had a chance to warn the teachers about Aidan and the potty training. They understood and said they would really try hard with him. Thank goodness he has such wonderful teachers, Miss Michelle and Miss Christine! I got a little misty eyed when we said goodbye just because I feared I would pick him up in loaner clothes because he wet himself. He could have cared less that we were leaving as he was so engrossed in the farm animal toys he was playing with at the table. I always heard horror stories of moms and kids crying when it was time to say goodbye. Not my child! Which is good. It shows that he's ready to go to school.

So instead of working on flowers the whole time, I spent it cleaning. The four hours went by way too fast. I definitely need to organize my time better when he's at school. It was a good break for me nonetheless. It gave me some "me" time which I so desperately needed! Being a mommy, entrepreneur, wife, etc is tough work!

At any rate, Aidan was successful on the potty at school and no "accidents"! I was so proud and all he could ask me is if he was going to get a new car because he went on the potty and didn't have an accident. We went home and he continued his potty training. We got him new cars and some zoo animals and then he regressed. I had to take toys away and then I think the light bulb finally went on.... He managed to go a couple of times and I promised him if he continued doing a good job he would get a special treat. So we took him to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner and an ice cream sundae!

Tomorrow he'll be home and then Thursday is "blue" day at school and he keeps reminding me that it's "blue" day at school! I wish he could go to school everyday.... Just imagine all the work I could get done! Oh well, next year.... I'm thankful for the 2 half day breaks I get in the meantime!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Buy DK Designs' Clay Floral Designs at Estilo Weddings!
Tonight I have been doing searches to see where DK Designs lands in the search engines and what new sites are talking about my company and creations. I know... I'm obsessed! I decided to check Estilo Weddings. Maria Ryan contacted me several months ago via my Etsy site and asked if I would be interested in selling my items via http://www.estiloweddings.com/. I of course said, "YES". I LOVE Estilo Weddings so I jumped at the chance.
I check every now and then to see if she put up my items, and today was the day! Here's a screen shot of the website with my listings! Hopefully they do well! Maria.... all I can say is YOU ROCK! I'm looking forward to working with you and thank you for choosing DK Designs to be part of your beautiful repetoire of wedding products to offer brides that want something different, stylish and unique!!! DK Designs is definitely expanding and broadening its reach!
DK Designs Something Blue Stephanotis Bouquet Finds its Way onto the Etsy.com Wedding Gift Guide!
Today, I decided to peruse the Etsy.com Gift Guides section to see if any of my items might have been selected by the Etsy staff as a great gift idea.

Low and behold, in addition to the Peonies Go Tropical arrangement, I found on the 1st page of the Etsy.com Wedding Gift Guide, my stephanotis bouquet with Swarovski crystals and Tiffany Blue ribbon! In addition, my fellow Etsy Wedding Team artisans also were featured on the gift guide as well! Congrats to all of them as well!

Giving Back to the Community... Nordstrom Elementary School Family Fun Night
While on vacation, my oldest brother left me a voice message asking if I would participate in his kids' elementary school's Family Fun Night. I was so out of it, that I totally forgot to discuss it with him and he reminded me the day we got back into town. So here I am frantically putting things together to sell. It's kind of like luau night, Hawaiian food from The Hukilau Restaurant, games, raffle drawings and craft booths. The money made goes to Morgan Hill's Nordstrom Elementary School's Home & School Club. As my son goes off to pre-school tomorrow, I realize how important education is for our young ones and how raising money for our children's education is helpful. So because I love my 2 nieces and 1 nephew to pieces, I of course agreed. I'll be doing a 15 minute demonstration for the parents and children attending the event (300-400 people)! I'll be selling items such as these as well as some hair flowers. I will be donating a percentage of my sales back to the Home & School Club.

I'll also be donating one of my larger vase arrangements as a raffle prize. One lucky winner will be going home with this beautiful Hawaiian Elegance piece!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Clay Stephanotis and Plumeria Bouquets with Swarovski Crystals
A client who found me via the Miss Pineapple blog post on Weddingbee.com, asked if I could make her a stephanotis bridal bouquet and a plumeria maid of honor bouquet for her wedding in Maui. She saw a couple of my bouquets that I did a few years back and wanted to recreate something very similar. Her stephanotis bouquet contains over 130 stephanotis flowers that are accented with Swarovski crystals and the stems are wrapped with white satin ribbon. The maid of honor bouquet is made up of white plumerias with yellow centers and mixed with yellow plumerias with a pinkish hue on the outer edges of the petals, again accented with Swarovski crystals in the centers. The stems are also wrapped with white satin ribbon.

Plumeria and stephanotis flowers are such delicate blossoms that it's hard to keep them looking fresh throughout your wedding day. The clay flower bouquet option is such a great alternative for these flower types and what's even better is that not only will it look absolutely stunning on your wedding day but also for many, many years to come. No one will know the difference. I can almost bet that many of the bride's guests will be asking to smell the bouquet only to realize that it is made out of clay!

Friday, September 5, 2008

DK Designs on Real Simple's Simply Stated Blog!
Holly Becker who is known for her Decor8 (www.decor8blog.com/) blog is also a regular contributor to Real Simple's Simply Stated blog. Today, I discovered that she did a post of her top 10 Etsy Finds for September and I was one of her top 10 picks! Holly Becker is also contributed to Domino magazine, HGTV.com, and ApartmentTherapy.com! I feel very fortunate that she chose one of my designs as her top 10 picks!

Click here to read the article! To see the latest products featured on my DK Designs Etsy site, click here.
DK Designs Featured on Other Wedding Professionals' Blogs!
The last couple of days, I've been asked or featured on some wedding industry professionals' blogs which is a great honor to someone relatively new to the industry (5 years young). One of the web blogs is The Event Essentials (http://www.theeventessentials.net/) located in the Arizona area, which specializes not only in wedding stationery, but also event planning and decorative accessories.

The second wedding web blog where I was featured was VOW (http://vowweddings.wordpress.com/), also another wedding and event planner, serving the New York Tri-state area and Long Island. I'm hoping to do a feature guest blog write up with Laura Nuzzo in the next week or so! Thanks Laura for asking me to be part of your wonderful blog.

I love discovering new wedding blogs because it's always a new source of inspiration to me. It's an honor that wedding professionals across the world see my work as unique, stylish and different and feel that brides might find this to be the perfect item for their wedding day!
With all this exposure, I can only imagine how many new inquiries I'll be getting from across the nation and across the world. Plus I hope that sharing with my readers the other wonderful wedding industry blogs that exist will give them more inspiration and ideas to create stylish and distinctively beautiful weddings!