Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hair flowers for a Southern Wedding

My husband's nephew is getting married in May in Georgia and as part of our way of helping them out, I agreed to do their wedding invitations and some of their bridal party flowers. Tanya, our nephew's fiance wanted to have a lily of the valley headpiece for her hair and pink dogwoods for her bridesmaids.
Since her hair trial is coming up very soon, I had to get these pieces completed for her. I like how they came out. The lily of the valley headpiece is two combs which I think will be great after the wedding as it would be nice to have a small comb to wear for special occasions while not having to use a large piece. This definitely has more bling than my original design.
I have still yet to make Tanya's wedding bouquet, some cake flowers and corsages, but I will be sharing that with you in April.

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LilacLemon said...

The lily of the valley hair pieces are gorgeous! I'm looking for something like these to wear in my hair for my wedding.