Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Clay Flower Classes Coming to Kitchener, Ontario - September 17-19, 2011!

I've been hinting at a big opportunity in the last month or so and I can finally share with you what it's all about. Today, Chrissie Boon of Icing Inspirations and Too Nice To Slice in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, announced my guest teacher classes being offered from September 17-19, 2011! Chrissie has a very successful cake studio in Kitchener where she makes beautiful wedding and special event cakes, but one better she has a large back studio where she can offer interested cake enthusiasts classes on how to make sugar flowers, cake decorating courses and more! I definitely hope that many of these cake artists will want to learn more about DECO Clay Craft Academy and want to become members of the school and learn the fabulous skills and techniques that we have been taught as instructors.Chrissie has been following my work on Facebook and asked me last month if I would consider teaching some workshop style classes to cake artists who would really take to the clay flowers. I am completely honored to be asked and to have the opportunity to share the art of clay flowers taught to me by DECO Clay Craft Academy and the CLAYCRAFT by DECO products with talented cake artists! This is a great opportunity to promote DECO Clay Craft Academy member classes in Canada so cake artists who take a liking to DECO Clay art to learn the techniques from a DECO certified instructor (Tracey Paul of Invite Me Creative Announcements). Tracey has graciously agreed to assist me in teaching these classes.

This will open up a whole new medium for them and although quite different in the way we construct flowers, I think they'll find joy in making clay flowers as an alternative to sugar and possibly want to join member classes!
I'll be teaching 2 different flower arrangements that lend themselves to more of an English style arrangement as well as a tropical arrangement, and explain how DECO Clay Craft Academy art can be applied to not only cakes but so much more! The above photo was chosen because Chrissie wanted to showcase how amazing the clay art of DECO Clay Craft Academy is and all the amazing things you can make with this amazing clay!

Class size is limited. If you are interested in the classes, please visit Icing Inspirations for more information.

Chrissie has had amazing cake artists such as Rick Reichart of Cakelava and James Roselle who were both featured on the Food Network Cake challenges! I'm honored to be among the artists to be asked to teach at her wonderful studio in Kitchener! I have had quite a following of sugar and artists from around the world who have been amazed at what I do, so I'm VERY excited to finally be able to share the art of DECO Clay Craft Academy to Canadian cake artists.


Jayma said...

I just saw pictures of Icing Inspirations and their classroom/ past classes on Facebook - AMAZING! That sounds like a perfect class to take and I'm hoping I can make it.

DK Designs said...

Thank you Jayma - I hope you can make it. Seats are filling up fast. Hope to see you in September. :)

Chrissie said...

Thanks for the wonderful Blog post Diane!!! We're thrilled to have you! Hope you can make it Jayma :) We're already half full!