Saturday, March 21, 2009

Look What Martha's Craft of the Day Was....

This morning as I was getting up and getting ready for a special project I was working on, I checked my email before I had to leave and I got the daily "Craft of the Day" email from and low and behold, it was the "Clay Hydrangeas" segment I did back on April Fool's Day. I was so excited. It's hard to believe it's almost been an entire year since I was on the show. Actually on 3/19/08 on my way down to Disneyland with my family is when the producers call me and asked me to send samples! It truly was a wonderful experience.

In a few weeks, I'll share why today of all days for that to be shown on Martha's site means something to me. I can't share it yet, but I just have to say, it's going to be good!

Anyway, if you're dying to learn how to make hydrangeas out of clay, you can read the process tutorial and watch the video! Thank you Martha Stewart and your producers for putting ME and my love for clay art on the map! Being on MARTHA has definitely been a "GOOD THING"!

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Forever Blooms Decor Gifts said...

Hi diane..
I saw it too when I received martha stewart's newsletter email. Excited for you!