Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Purple Peony Cake Topper

It's been a busy morning. I got my hair cut by the fabulous Armando Sarabia of "get your DO up"! I LOVE my new haircut. I highly recommend him. He's the first hair stylist that I went to that I left it into his capable hands and he gave me a cut that I love! :) Simple and easy to maintain, but different than what I've had for the last 7 years! I'll have to share photos later in the week when I'm in Maui. :) If you need a great hair stylist to give you a FAB hairstyle and you live in the Bay Area, or are looking for a stylist for your wedding party, look no further than ARMANDO! He travels nationwide too. I can now say that Armando will be my hairstylist moving forward, hands down!
I also met with Lea McIntosh of Ready to Propose, The Wedding Chat and Lea McIntosh Weddings (just to name a few of her companies) because I had made her something for a special project that we're collaborating on and she shared with me a sneak peek of what this great team of vendors have been working so hard on. OMG!!! I can't show you yet, but OMG is all I can say! AMAZING!!!! I'm so proud of Lea and all her hard work and the vision she created and collaborated with some amazing Bay Area wedding professionals talent. Let's just say my creations that I did for this project are all over the place. :) Thanks Lea!
Anyway, I've been working on samples and small orders before I leave on my trip and trying to get over the cold that just won't seem to go away. I guess this non-stop schedule I'm keeping is FINALLY catching up with me. The item I wanted to share today is a purple peony cake topper. This client saw my peony cake topper that I did for Miss Pineapple's wedding and asked if I could do it in a custom color. She found a picture of what she wanted and there is in fact a purple peony. Her wedding is just after Christmas so in order to avoid the Christmas rush of mailings, I'm hoping to get this out to her this week before I leave on my trip.

The flower looks really nice all by itself. I would have to say for a bride on a budget, a single large peony flower looks absolutely stunning on a cake. It's relatively inexpensive, but beautiful!

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