Monday, December 1, 2008

Lauhala Boxes Adorned with Clay Flowers = Christmas Present Ideas for Clients

The ladies at my husband's work are my fan club. So ever since I went on the MARTHA show, they have been so sweet to me. I try to give them little gifts here and there since they give my husband sales leads. :)
Anyway, a contractor that works with my husband's company contacted me to see if I could create some gifts she could possibly give her clients that she sees regularly. She had a tight budget but wanted something that her clients could put on their desks. So I suggested based on her budget to go with the lauhala gift boxes which are small, but unique and she can put candies or cookies or even a gift card in there if she wanted. I made her some gift tags to go along with them which I embellished the little light bulbs on the palm trees with glitter. She couldn't decide on one flower so we went with a few of each flower type: plumerias, orchids and gardenias.
These make great gifts for weddings and parties, and you're not just limited to flowers. I've done pineapples out of clay or adorned wooden sea turtles with little clay flowers.

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