Thursday, October 9, 2008

I've Been Blog Tagged - Compliments of Stacie Tamaki... The Flirty Girl

I've been Blog Tagged... Okay, so I guess the 30 things about yourself email is now hitting blogs. Stacie Tamaki included me as her 4 bloggers to pass it along to... Thanks Stacie... but I guess it's a way for my readers, potential clients and former clients to get to know a little more about me! :) So here goes...

4 Things I Did Today:

1. Walked 2 miles to pick up my son and had to carry him home since my car broke down.. God forbid I actually got some exercise. Guess it's good since I haven't had a chance to join Stacie and Lea on the Wedding Walkers events.
2. Finished the 2nd big clay flower order (I had 9 orders total for the month of October) today: 2 bouquets, 9 boutonnieres, 8 corsages.
3. Shipped 5 gardenia hair flowers. Great... now I need to make more as my Etsy storefront is almost completely out.
4. Worked on tulips for my centerpiece order

(Aidan showing me his broomstick he made in preschool today... 1st time using scissors)
4 Things On My To-Do list:
1. Make more time for my son, Aidan and my husband, Michael.
2. Figure out a way to make flowers in my sleep.
3. Continue to grow my business and manage to keep up with the growth/pace.
4. Have a real vacation every 6 months.

4 Of My Guiltiest Pleasures:
1. Online shopping... It's my biggest weakness.
2. Taking naps
3. Buying Aidan something every time we go shopping
4. McDonalds french fries

4 Random Facts about Me:
1. If I don't have to go out of the house, I live in my pajamas.
2. I hate public speaking (you have no idea how NERVOUS I was doing the Martha Show and the podcast interview)
3. I look for at dishes and cups that most people would think were a good find for food/drink as perfect containers to use for my flowers, especially when they are under $3.00!
4. I'm a one woman corporation... All the work is done by me! I have help when it comes to invitations, but with the flowers, I do them all, by hand, and love it even when I'm stressed trying to get orders out the door.

Here's who I'm tagging:
Debbie Friedrich of Debbie Friedrich Photography
Geralyn Camarillo of Hokuli'i Images
Evonne Wong of Events by Evonne
Lea McIntosh of Lea McIntosh Weddings


Anonymous said...

oooooo, Di!

This looks like fun!!! MAHALO for BLOG tagging me!
How the heck does this work???

Love knowing more about you. I LOVE taking naps in the middle of the afternoon too.

Hope you're having an awesome ALOHA Friday!!!


DK Designs said...

Ger... You're so funny. Just copy and paste the 4 Things headers and then give 4 responses. Stacie added pics to go along with her answers. So I did a couple just for fun. :) Then add 4 blogger friends you want to tag and notify them they've been tagged!

m + m said...

that picture of your son is the cutest!!!

Anonymous said...


I've posted my tag! Finally! I actually wrote it on Thursday, but didn't have a chance to finish up the pics until last night. It was fun! Thanks!