Saturday, October 11, 2008

DK Designs Clay Floral Centerpieces - Part II

Yesterday, I honestly did not get much done in the way of my orders. I had planned to knock out some flowers for the centerpieces, but instead, my son decided it was supposed to be about him, especially when he figured out that it shouldn't be about mommy on her birthday, it should be all about him. LOL... I think I need a birthday "do-over"!

At any rate, I digress. Today has been much more productive. I'm almost finished with my next client's centerpiece order. Another fall-like arrangement. Believe it or not, each arrangement measures 20 inches high by 16 inches in diameter! These will definitely be interesting in terms of shipping them to Maryland as they are quite heavy. The only thing that is left for these centerpieces are the red Singapore orchids the client requested. The centerpieces are made up of large creamy ivory peonies, yellowish tone roses, red ranunculus, green hydrangea, bells of Ireland and Singapore orchids. I used some red and green fillers to fill in the spaces, and add a little more depth and texture.

After this order is done, I go back to a white and blue color palette.. Fall is over (in terms of my fall color palette orders) and it's back to destination wedding style floral bouquets (tropical flowers in light colors) for my up and coming clients... I seriously don't think "wedding season" has ended for me... Which is a good thing!

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