Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Day 3 - Miss Pineapple's Order

Day 3 in the life of a clay flower making professional... LOL... Yesterday I got a lot done although it also seems like I didn't get enough done. Being a stay-at-home mom complicates things because you can't work straight through and do all the things you want to when it comes to running your business, but I digress... I managed to make 43 copper-tone roses and 112 clay covered stems for Miss Pineapple's order. Essentially the flowers for the bridal bouquet are done. So hopefully tomorrow I will have pictures of her completed bouquet to share. I think the copper colored roses really add a splash of color and make everything else seem to just come to life!

Each rose is roughly 15-20 petals each so even though 43 roses, doesn't seem like a lot, it is when you consider that each petal is formed by one person, me... I was so exhausted yesterday, but I pushed forward to get the stems done so that I can start arranging tomorrow and putting the flowers on the stems. I will spare you the picture of the boring clay-covered stems. Instead here are just a couple pictures of how Miss Pineapple's bouquet is shaping up.

Back to work... Lots to do on Day 4!

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