Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Wonderful Centerpiece Idea for Weddings...
As a wedding professional, I often look at bridal magazines, wedding related books and websites to see what the trends are each season and year-to-year. I've always seen arrangements of different shades of one color palette and sometimes using all the same flowers in the various shades, but also different flowers and different heights.

I haven't thus far had the opportunity to do this for a wedding, but I am making something as a gift for a loved one and it came out so cute that I thought it might be an idea for brides who want to create a floral decor, but at the same time the pieces could serve as favors for their guests. The pictures shown show a wooden table runner alternating different shades of pink roses is small glass cubes intermixed with candle votives. For an extra special touch you could use votive candles that match your color palette. Obviously in the sample I've created, I did different shades of pink rose buds as my gift recipient loves pink roses.

You could even attach a ribbon and favor tag to the mid-section of the glass vase so that guests know they can take one home. Maybe you give the female guests the flowers and the male guests the candle votive. Simple, relatively inexpensive and stylish. You could even fill the candle votives with the ever popular colored sea glass for more dimension and sparkle. Now that I made this one, I envision white flowers interspersed with the candle votives with blue and green sea glass with a crisp white candle. Hmm... I guess when I have "free" time, that will be my next task. Even if you can't afford to give these as gifts to your wedding guests, what about ordering a few of these to accent reception tables or areas of your wedding ceremony and reception and give the flowers to your bridal party as a "thank you" or maybe your special family members who you want to honor?

It's such a great keepsake. I remember doing a wedding a couple of years ago and the bride and groom used my small centerpieces as their floral decor for the reception tables but also gave each couple or family one to take home. It just so happened that a colleague of mine was at the airport and saw the wedding guests carrying them and she knew it was I who made them. The guests were all raving about how lovely they were and how happy they were to be able to get it as their favor.

At any rate, I know my gift recipient will LOVE this gift and be raving about it all her friends on the island! :)


Events by Evonne, LLC said...

I love the rose centerpieces. They look so beautiful!

DK Designs said...


Thank you, that means a lot to me coming from a professional wedding planner/event designer!

I am so lagging on my blog posts this week as I'm teaching 2 ladies from Houston and Toronto how to do the clay flowers. I hope to take pictures of them with their projects and post.... My readers are waiting for something new! LOL.

Events by Evonne, LLC said...

I am just amazed how "real" the flowers look. It seems like sooo much work though, making every leaf and every petal! =)

ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

wow this is gorgeous - you are so talented!

DK Designs said...

Ami - I'm so honored you stopped by my blog. Thank you for your kind words!