Friday, August 8, 2008

My Interview with Ralph Mucci of the Wedding Planning Audiocast
This evening was my podcast interview with Ralph Mucci of The Wedding Planning Audiocast. I had the normal butterflies I normally do (just because I so hate public speaking), but surprisingly it went rather well. I just kept reminding myself that it was like having a personal conversation with a colleague or friend and I was telling them about what I do and why I love doing it. I thought I would be having to do lots of retakes, but I spoke from the heart and where my passion for what I do comes from and it went great. I hope the listeners will be intrigued and check out my site after listening to the audiocast.

Ralph is such a great person, very personable and very knowledgeable. I hope that I get a chance to work with him again in the future. He joked around during commercial break and it was kind of funny because it was like listening to my husband giving me crap for not listening to him (both Ralph and my husband are from NJ). The East Coast sense of humor... gotta love it.

Anyway, you'll have to wait a few weeks to listen to the actual podcast. I know, it's like being told I have a surprise for you and telling you everything about it and you're waiting in anticipation. Ralph was telling me they tape 6 shows a day so that's a lot of professionals to interview, edit and post on the website. It just goes to show that their wedding podcast resource website is nothing but short of stellar. It's well thought out and well put together. I told him I would actually be downloading some of the podcasts to listen to on my journey to NJ for our little family vacation.

Thank you again Ralph and The Wedding Planning Audiocast for having me on your show! I'm truly appreciative for the opportunity to share my love of clay flowers with your listeners around the world. Keep doing what you're doing!


Tinygami said...

YAY for you!

Ralph is really fun to talk to and I'm sure your interview will be a great listen! I can't wait. I hope they get it online soon. If you let me know when I can post it into The Flirty Blog for you!

The Wedding Planning Audiocast said...

You did a great show Diane! Listeners will now know about the wonderful pieces of art you create.


DK Designs said...

Stacie - thanks for the vote of confidence. It was fun. Would love to do it again. I'll definitely let you know when it goes up on the WPA website!

Ralph - Thank you! I am so grateful and so honored to have met you and been given the opportunity to share my love of clay flowers with your listeners! BTW, you'll have to email me your address and I will send a little one of my creations for you to either display in your studio or give to your wife. :) Just be careful because the women in your office will be tackling each other for it! LOL.

Thank you for stopping by to read my blog. :)

Events by Evonne, LLC said...

YAY! Can't wait to hear your audiocast... Ralph is so great and I enjoyed speaking with him too!

DK Designs said...

Can't wait to hear your audiocast as well! Let me know when it's up! :)