Thursday, August 14, 2008

My DECO Clay Students from Canada and Texas
For those of you who read my blog on a regular basis are probably wondering what happened to me. Why haven't I been posting? Well, since Monday, I have been teaching the DECO Clay Craft Academy Curriculum I course to two lovely ladies, Tracey from Toronto/Ontario, Canada and Vista from Houston, Texas. They have been working extremely hard, 4-6 hour days to finish 10 classes or more in 5 days. It's been intense, but they are progressing and enjoying the learning process.

We've had a great time getting to know each other and they both hope to come back in November to get close to completing the program so they too can teach the DECO Clay Craft Academy program to interested individuals where they live.

I haven't gotten much else, done, just really focusing on teaching, it's very tiring because I'm not used to talking all day long nor standing on my feet. So at night, I have not had any time to do anything other than just catch up on emails and get ready for the next day's class. Tomorrow we conclude and they will have to go on and try to practice all they learned for the next few months until they both hopefully return in November to complete the CII classes.

It's truly amazing what they have accomplished in 5 short days! They are doing great and I know that even though it was an investment for them to fly from so far away, they do feel that they have learned a lot and have a lot to look forward to as they continue to improve the skills they learned this week. The nice thing is with many of my students, we create friendships and bonds and we become almost like "family". It's been great. The rest of the weekend through until the end of August, I will now be focusing on cranking out my samples and orders before we go on a much deserved vacation! What will I do without clay for 9 days??? I think I'll survive! :)

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