Monday, May 3, 2010

Dahlias, Roses and Apple Blossoms = STUNNING!

Just finished my bride, Michaela's order. This one is shipping to Alberta, Canada. I'm always so honored that even across the world, people put their faith in me to create their wedding bouquets and flowers. I wasn't sure how this bouquet order would turn out, but this morning as I sat painting all the details I got all excited because I could see how amazing it turned out!
This is the first time I've made apple blossoms and I love how they turned out. While I could have just used my knowledge of how I make cherry blossoms, I decided to focus on the details and while more time consuming, I feel that I've tried to recreate the apple blossoms true characteristics. I love the hints of pink on the white apple blossom flower. It breaks up the otherwise all pink bouquet.
The boutonnieres are simple with just a pink rose bud and the apple blossom. The varying shades of pinks and yellows against the dark navy blue are stunning. This is another order where I did not use any fake fillers. In the past I've been so quick to use them but I'm finding more and more that I can do bouquets all in clay and that to me means I have more confidence in my flower making skills and that just the hints of green calyx add enough greenery to the bouquet.
I've got a couple more orders to work on before I take a couple days off. It's racing against the clock, but I will be so happy when we're on the road and away from the computer and the studio even if it's only for 2 days!

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Joanna said...

Marriage is the most beautiful and precious occasion for any person.I love the bouquets designed by you. Specially you have included pink colored
which are my favorite. These are just great and the apple blossoms are also very nice. For my marriage, i will order all the bouquets from you.