Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hydrangeas, Hydrangeas, Hydrangeas....

I've had made hydrangeas up to my eyeballs this past week and to boot, I made the wrong color blue about 2-3 times. You think I need a little vacation? After I screwed up the color 3 times, I realized, yes I need some time off even if it's only 2 days. Finally I got my focus back and got the right colors.

Heather's request was specific colors of hydrangeas and ribbon colors. Her bridesmaid dresses are a dark peri blue and a clover green. She wanted her bouquet to be shades of blue to match the dark peri dress from JCrew. We added hints of lighter blue with shades of pink. The tips are accented with some green which tie in the clover colored dress. Her fiance's boutonniere matches the color hydrangeas in her bouquet.
The bridesmaids have all white hydrangea bouquets, but ribbon wraps to match their dresses. The groomsmen will wear matching boutonnieres.
The flower girl will be carrying this cute little purse.The parents and grandmother all have specific color hydrangeas and this is how they turned out.
Hydrangeas are time consuming and lots to make to equal one bouquet, but I'm happy with the way they turned out. Happy to say however, that I'm done with hydrangeas for a little bit in terms of a big wedding order! My fingers are tired. :)

Best wishes to Heather and her fiance on their wedding day! Now I'm off to work on a few more orders before I take a much needed 2 day break from work and spend time with my family!

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