Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Special Request from Myra Callan of Twigs & Honey!

Back when I first started on Etsy and after I had been on the Martha Stewart Show I remember Myra Kim (now Callan) hearted me on Etsy. One of her clients also hired me for her wedding to do the bouquets. I had emailed Myra to tell her how much I love her work and she kindly responded to me about how much she had admired mine. Twigs & Honey since then has EXPLODED onto the wedding fashion scene. Myra definitely hasn't let that go to her head, she's still a sweet and delightful person and designer!
At any rate, last week I read one of her posts about what a beating her hands go through making thousands of fabric and feather hair accessories, boutonnieres and sashes. I read her blog post thinking how much it reminded me of what a beating my hands go through so I had commented on her blog. The next day she emailed me to thank me for my comment and asked if I would be able to do a last minute request for her. She asked me for some hydrangea blossoms for her hair for an upcoming trip to France. I agreed and also decided to make her a little gift for her home. She told me back in October of 2008 how much she loved my flowers and one day she'd like to buy an arrangement. Well, from one admiring designer to the next I decided to make her something as a gift.
Myra is so very talented and she was so very kind to me even being new to Etsy so I was honored to create something for her.

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