Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend Garden Art Parties a Smashing Success

It's been another crazy weekend between getting my pieces ready for Una Bella Sera and the 2 Garden Art Parties with zenatona, on top of my son coming down with pneumonia. Let's just say it was stressful, but overall Aidan is feeling better and everything turned out great.Our first hosted Garden Art Party was in Martinez, California on Saturday evening. It was a hectic day for many, but several people came to check out what's new with zenatona and DK Designs. We had lots of oohs and aahs because none of those who came knew much about our art, but they all said how well they complimented one another. We both had a great day of sales and enjoyed meeting new people and sharing our love for our art forms.
Sunday we had a small Garden Art Party at my studio and we enjoyed meeting new art collectors. Met some old friends I haven't seen in years too! It was a beautiful weekend and we're looking forward to doing another Garden Art Party outdoors sometime in the summer in San Diego.
I always enjoy spending time with Debbie Friedrich and I'm so honored to call her my friend and colleague. She's always so uplifting and positive! I was so happy to see all the new zenatona collectors eat up her art. She launched her zenatona "bloomies" at the party and they sold out! I'm glad the people are finally seeing what I see in her art. It's simply beautiful, vibrant and speaks to people! We all need a little happiness and beauty in our lives and her art totally makes you feel happy!
I also showcased gofigurette! figurines and gifts at the Garden Art Party on Sunday and while no one purchased anything, many commented on how absolutely adorable the items were. Thank you to my dear friend, Myrna who created some totally cute pieces. She's amazingly talented!
If you missed the Garden Art Party, visit our Etsy sites to see what's still available for Mother's Day and graduations!
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Debbie said...

LOVE collaborating with you dear friend! Thank you for all your support and friendship :) Many more to come...