Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Beautiful Bouquet & Boutonniere for Una Bella Sera

Today I was able to finish my bouquet and boutonniere for the Una Bella Sera show! I have to say, I'm pleasantly surprised at how well it turned out! I love the colors and the use of velvet leaves, feathers and black birdcage veil netting! I got a chance to try my hand at a new flower. Nicole Ha of Nicole Ha Designs is an amazing florist and I'm always impressed what what she creates. She is one of the visionaries for the vignettes on Sunday's Una Bella Sera bridal event. She asked if I could make "blushing bride" which is a type of flower. To me it looks like a protea but it is from the hibiscus family. At any rate, I still want to try to improve on the techniques, but for the first try, I think it's not too bad an attempt. It definitely gives the bouquet a unique look.
The bouquet was designed after an inspiration photo that Nicole had sent to me to give me an idea of the type of vignette they were trying to create. I fell in love with the photo she sent me and jumped at the chance to try my hand at using feathers again, birdcage veil netting and velvet leaves. I created my own style and bouquet so it's not exactly a replica of the one she sent for inspiration. I'm bummed I will not get to see the bouquet in the vignette, but I know it will be nothing short of spectacular and can't wait to see the professional photos from the amazing photographers who will be there at the event to capture all the AWESOME details.
Thank you to Crystal Lequang and Nicole Ha for allowing me to be part of this event even though I physically will not be able to attend. To be able to showcase my clay floral art is always an honor, especially because so few people know about what I do.

Again if you are interested in attending, visit www.unabellasera.com to register for free!

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Rita said...

Your work is flawless! Beautiful!