Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Southern Weddings Magazine = LOVE

So last night I was not in the right frame of mind to work on flowers after the memorial services for my grandmother so I decided to relax and finally sit down to read my personal copy of Southern Weddings Magazine. Low and behold, I was reading about the Behind the Scenes of the Serenbe photo shoot and I looked at some of the pictures and realized in two of the behind the scenes photos were my gardenia hair flowers!!! I was so excited I was jumping up and down (okay, in my head). Here's the page in the magazine that I scanned. Click on the images of the magazine to order your personal copy today, you won't be disappointed!
Also today, the ladies of Southern Weddings Magazine did a blog post and had pictures of their office which was very well done and very well written. My hair flowers were on their bulletin boards!
(above photo courtesy of Southern Weddings Magazine blog)
I have to say after reading the magazine, it's like a journey, a story, you don't feel like you're being shot at with a ton of advertisements or pushing you to buy something. It's photo journalism at it's best in my mind. These women have something so SOLID and so FRESH!

If you're not already reading Southern Weddings Magazine Blog, you should be. There are so many great tips, inspirations photos from real Southern weddings and just awesome writing!

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Evonne & Darren Photography said...

Ahhh... I have yet to see a copy of this magazine. They don't have it here in Hawaii! :(