Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Flower Magazine - Artist in Bloom Feature

Late last week I received the winter issue of Flower Magazine. This is a wonderful magazine focused on flowers of course. I was contacted back in late September by one of their editors, who asked if they could interview me for the winter issue. The magazine is published out of Alabama and is distributed in 12 states. They have a special feature article they do in each issue titled, "Artist in Bloom". It focuses on artists who create in various mediums and art forms with the one central theme, flowers.I was so honored that the editors found me and asked to do a feature. With magazine editorial so tight these days, I was so lucky to get 2 pages in their magazine. This particular issue focuses on wedding flowers which is awesome and a perfect issue to be in! I was also very fortunate to use the photos from Stewart Pinsky Photography, Allure West Studios, and Debbie Friedrich Photography. Thank you to them who help bring out the best qualities of my clay floral designs!
If you don't get this publication in your area, you can order it online.


Joyce said...

Congrats Diane...!!

I looked at that first picture of that beautiful bouquet right above "super modeling" and said..."hey..that looks familiar". Why, it sure does! =)

DK Designs said...

Thanks Joyce! Yes, your bouquet and hand/arm are famous now! :) It's one of the pictures they selected that I submitted! :)

Evonne & Darren Photography said...

This is so awesome, Diane! Congrats! :)