Monday, December 7, 2009

Countdown to the Garden Art Party

I'm getting really excited about the Garden Art Party with dear friend, Debbie Friedrich of zenatona! We had a great catch up session and were ironing out all the details for Saturday's wonderful event. I've been continuing to create pieces. In total as of tonight I have 9 new arrangements to showcase and sell. Hopefully I will have plenty more as I have a few more arrangements I want to create using zenatona art as my inspiration.I decided to make a piece that goes with "breeze". Granted there are no teal colored flowers, but I had this stunning antique style mercury glass vase that was the perfect teal color. So I decided to create ranunuculus and debated what the other flower would be. I had already done dendrobiums so I had hoped to do something different. I had a left over flower from Sally's order and it hit me... gardenias! So this is how it turned out. Then another idea hit me, take a photo of our 2 pieces together! All I have to say is absolute PERFECTION! I'm not trying to sound conceited in the least bit, but I truly see how Debbie and my art go so well together. I think our creativity and encouragement is deeply rooted in our friendship. We are so supportive of one another, always try to encourage and throw out ideas to help grow and blossom. :)

The other two prints of zenatona below are "peace" and "bee polly". One of Debbie's motto's is "adding juicy bursts of color to your home" It's interesting because honestly when I first started doing clay flowers, I had the worst eye for color. I had a hard time trying to do bold or vibrant colors and I was stuck on pastels. Somehow I broke out of that shell and I can see just how vibrant and juicy my flowers have become. :)I decided to take a couple other pictures of my work and Debbie's so you can see just what I mean. I hope that the people who come to the Garden Art Party will see how well these two arts pair together and will want both pieces to showcase in their home or give as gifts. Well, back to work, lots to do before Saturday...

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marie christine said...

The perfection !
Amazing flowers, amazing Zenatona's work and amazing matching colours !
Love the way you share them with us !