Saturday, December 5, 2009

Some New Arrangements for the Garden Art Party

It's that time again to create some pieces to sell for the Garden Art Party that zenatona and DK Designs are hosting at the DK Designs studio this coming Saturday. We had such a wonderful time in San Diego in October doing the 1st Garden Art Party that Debbie Friedrich of zenatona had envisioned that we decided to do it up in the Bay Area! The above arrangement was inspired by zenatona's "posey" print.
These are a couple Christmas inspired arrangements I created. Granted the orchids and tuberose aren't flowers you consider to be Christmas flowers, but the greens and whites really accent the deep reds of the anemones and the English roses. I love the top one because it reminds me of a Christmas ornament on the bottom and it's fun and whimsical with the berry branches the greens fillers and the red glitter embellished petals!I cannot take credit for this wonderful idea. It was all Debbie's vision and she was so sweet enough to ask me to be her partner in art for the Garden Art Party. Granted the one on Saturday will not be in a "garden" environment due to the weather and the fact that I don't have a nice garden, but it was great timing since my studio is essentially done.Here are some new pieces that I have made to sell. Some of them are inspirations from zenatona art, but some of them are just my own clay version of juicy bursts of color (another phrase that zenatona art epitomizes).
I'm very excited for Debbie because she was just featured in the premiere issue of Real Word Magazine which was released late last month. She's branching out and adding other items to her collection such as magnets, large prints, and a few other things she's creating. Her eye for photography and her heart is truly amazing. I'm so honored that she has asked me to be part of this Garden Art Party venture and hope we'll take it on the road!

Whatever doesn't sell next Saturday will be posted on my Etsy site for sale. I will honor the 10% discount on these items, but you'll only have 2 days to take advantage of the sale, unless I decide to extend it so you never know. :)


marie christine said...

Amazing work, I always feel happy with your flowers !

Flowers said...

I must appreciate the arrangement shown in the picture on your blog. It looks amazing. Thanks for sharing it.