Sunday, December 6, 2009

Another beautiful arrangement for the Garden Art Party

I haven't gotten much done today in the way of flowers because I had to teach for 4 hours. Teaching is always fun even though afterwards I feel completely exhausted. Probably because I'm not used to talking all the time and guiding people through the projects. Believe me it's easier to just sit and make flowers for 16 hours straight. LOL. I had a great time with my students today and had one of my newly certified instructors practice teach.
This morning before my class I arranged this particular floral design piece. I didn't have time to paint it until after my classes were finished and after my husband, son and I decorated the Christmas tree.I wasn't sure how this one would turn out because the purple hydrangeas were darker than I had envisioned. However after I finished painting and doing all the detail work, I have to say I'm quite pleased with the final result. I added branches instead of monkey tail ferns to make it a little lighter since the vase is very thick with flowers at the base. The green cymbidiums really help to make the whole arrangement pop! This will be one of the more expensive arrangements for sale, but it will give the people attending an idea of what is possible with the clay flowers. I don't do just small arrangements, but big ones too!

Looking forward to this week even though it will be busy with saying goodbye to my dearly departed grandmother on Tuesday and finishing up all the arrangements and starting a bridal bouquet order for my client getting married the day after Christmas. Lots to do so I better get back to the studio and start creating... :)


marie christine said...

Exquisite arrangement, I love the branches !

marie christine said...

I sure love how this bouquet turns out ! Another fabulous arrangement !