Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Getting Ready for Christmas - Xmas Swag

Today we got our Christmas tree. We decided this year just to get a 3-5 foot tree and put it on a table. Gone are the days of getting 8 foot Christmas trees. Less to decorate, less to clean up and more room for presents for Aidan. LOL.
We put on the lights, but are waiting for our Christmas ornaments to be returned. When my dad moved, he took our ornaments and left the ones from the 60s behind. So we have to wait until Friday to officially decorate.

Since the tree went up, I figured it was time to stop procrastinating on the final project of our C3 workshops. I have one more small item to complete to pass, but the Christmas swag just needed to be put together, we learned how to make these gigantic poppies, hellebores and monkey tail ferns as well as the pears and apples. Lots of glitter in this project. The ferns and filler are preserved greens which is very messy, but gives it a more realistic look and feel. I think it's gorgeous and although I'm nervous about putting it outside, it does look beautiful and makes me feel that it's almost Christmas. I don't think we ever had a wreath or swag on our front door during the holidays. My husband asked if we should get one at the hardware store and I told him, "No, I'll finish my swag and we can use that."So here's how it turned out. It's hard to believe Christmas is only 24 days away... Where did all the time go??? Hope this arrangement helps put you in the Christmas spirit.

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marie christine said...

This swag is so beautiful, your inspiration is endless !