Wednesday, December 9, 2009

More flowers for the Garden Art Party on Saturday

It's been a busy day, made flowers for a few more arrangements and had time to shoot one that I had completed a couple of days ago. I hope to finish flowers for a few more arrangements before putting the flower making for Saturday's Garden Art Party to bed. Plus I have a wedding order due on 12/26, back East so I have to start working on her order tomorrow. Not to mention start getting the studio cleaned and rearranged for the Garden Art Party and prepare the food. The above image is my interpretation of "quench". I love these two tone orange and pink roses. So vibrant.
This particular purple anemone with light purple garden roses seems to be my most popular piece of late. I think because of the striking balance between light and dark purples. I thought it was fitting to use zenatona's "balance" canvas print with this photo. It is a perfect "balance" between light and dark and I realized the texture in the black sand is similar to the texture in the center of the anemone flowers!
This next piece is my interpretation of "blush". Such a beautiful combination! This is the first time I've tried to compliment "blush" with my clay flowers.
Here's a work in progress. Final photos will be updated tomorrow. I still have to paint the orchids and varnish the anthuriums, but I love how this pandan box from Eco-Friendly Market looks as the vase for this arrangement. I created this piece to go with zenatona's "sunkiss" print. It's my all-time favorite image Debbie captured. It is the essence of Hawaii in my mind.

The last piece is a yellow ranunculus arrangement. I made some for my "sunkiss" piece and decided that it was such a beautiful color that I would create some more for a smaller arrangement and I love how it looks against "maya". One day I hope to create something specific to go with "maya" because it is OH SO BEAUTIFUL! :)
Well, back to my studio to create more flowers. The turn out is expected to be pretty good on Saturday. Looking at probably 25-30 people if everyone shows so I'm excited to see and hear what people have to say about our work!


Debbie Friedrich said...

wow! Your creations make my art sing!! Can't wait 'til Saturday!!!

Debbie Friedrich said...

wow! Your creations make my art sing!! Can't wait 'til Saturday!!!

marie christine said...

Oh I wish I was able to come on saturday !
So wonderful !
I have to get a print from Zenatona, her work is fabulous too !

DK Designs said...

Thanks Debbie, looking forward to sharing our art with some new collectors up this way. :)

Marie Christine - Debbie ships worldwide! :) I LOVE her pieces and I know you will too! :)

Flowers said...

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