Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What's in Store for Renew & Beautify Attendees...

I've been extremely busy trying to pump out the flowers the last couple of days preparing for Renew & Beautify at DACOR's showroom in South San Francisco. It's always hard to come up with something new and innovative each time I do a special event or show. Granted I don't do many of them because they require so much work on my part. But I have this one and then another Garden Ar t Party with zenatona on 12/12. More on that later...

The above piece is my spin on the Christmas colors green and red. Well, you probably think something completely different than burgundy peonies and green cymbidiums right? I think they go together perfectly. The deep dark merlot colored flowers contrasted by the vibrant green of the cymbidiums and the detail of the mouth & throat tie the deep colors from the peonies. Not to mention the grasses match perfectly

This piece includes green double center English roses and two colors of pinball mums. Talk about citrus-infused, clean and crisp. That's what I feel when I see this piece. Makes me smile when I see it.
This piece I call "Passionate about Purple". It's been done a couple of times in different forms and slightly different shades, but it's one of my favorites. I played around with the petals after I learned some new techniques last week from my head instructor, Yukiko. I think this will always be one of my favorites because of the contrast between the blush purple and the deep, dark purple in the anemones. :)This is my new favorite. Let's just say, "Tropical Delight". It's whimsical with the loops of green grasses, the playful nature of the monkey tail ferns and the vibrant colors of fuchsia pinks, coral oranges, yellows and greens. I really fell in love with this piece. It's so hard to give these pieces up, but hopefully those who attend Renew & Beautify will love them as much as I do and purchase one for their home or as a gift to give to a special someone in their life. :)

I wanted to share a few of the pieces I've made for the Renew & Beautify event. I love how all of these pieces came out. I'm excited about another one that I'm currently working on which will be all white and green flowers in an aqua blue vintage mason jar. Hopefully it looks as good as it looks in my head. :)

So for details on Renew & Beautify, please visit: http://www.renewbeautify.com and we hope to see you at this wonderful FREE to attend event!

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