Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Water Lily, Lily Pad and Dragonfly

One of my past brides recently contacted me and asked if I could help her out. A dear friend of the family passe away and she wanted to know if I could create a special sympathy gift. She asked for a water lily, floating on a lily pad with a purple dragonfly. So I knew how to do the water lily and dragonfly, but the lily pad??? Well, I figured it couldn't be that hard so I created what I thought looked like one since it would be hard to find a silk one since it's heading into winter.
I think the whole piece came out beautifully! Makes me feel calm and at peace when I see this and I'm sure that this is what is meant for the person who receives it. To know they are loved and that it may help bring peace, serenity and comfort.

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Philippine flowers said...

Oh! this water lily and dragonfly was so cute! I love it. The color combination was so good. Wish I can also learn how to make like that. Anyway, I enjoyed reading your post. It makes a lot of sense. Keep posting!