Thursday, November 5, 2009

Creative Theme Projects from My Students

I wanted to share a couple of creative theme projects that have been finished by my students. This first one is from my student, Jennifer who has been taking classes with me for almost 2 years. She decided to create her theme project as a gift to her grandmother who is turning 90 and they are all going back in November to celebrate. Her idea came from spending vacations on the beach with her cousins (all the grandchildren) playing cards, eating bento (box lunch), and having fun on the beach. The plumeria tree represents the tree in her grandmother's yard. The monkey in the tree has significance to her grandmother and grandfather who shared a love for monkeys and she explained that every birthday they would find each other cards with a monkey on them. She even has Diamond Head and a ship in the ocean in the background. Her base is a bamboo steamer! When she brought it in last night I was floored. Each of the grandchildren has a symbol on their shirt to represent what they do as a profession (football, veterinarian, dentist, pediatrician, and anesthesiologist). Jennifer is close to finishing. She isn't sure if she wants to teach, but seeing her creativity, I hope she'll teach others as I think she would be fabulous. Her techniques with her flowers continually improves and she puts a lot of thought into her projects. :) Needless to say, her grandmother is going to be so touched when she opens this one of a kind, handmade gift!
My other student Tracey recently got certified and is now an instructor. She is in Ontario, Canada. She got her inspiration from my other student's theme project (remember the oh so creative wine basket with the french bread and grapes made out of clay?). Tracey had originally decided to do an Easter theme project, but after seeing Irene's wine basket project she decided to rethink her project. She decided to do a cornucopia of all things fall and with Thanksgiving coming up she thought it would be festive.

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I've been interested in taking classes from you. Where do you teach??