Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gardenia Flower Through the Lensbaby!

I hardly have time to take out my Lensbaby these days, but I decided to use it today since I got the fresh gardenias from the floral supply place. I still have yet to really understand how to use my Lensbaby correctly, but I love how these photos came out today.
Flowers are so beautiful and I'm so happy that I got to have fresh gardenias because I never have them. What a treat!


Events by Evonne said...

Wait, that's a real gardenia? I thought it was one of your clay flowers. Hahahaha... I can't tell them apart anymore! :)

DK Designs said...

LOL Evonne, this is the real deal. Although the way the lensbaby makes the flower look I guess you really can't tell. :)

Events by Evonne said...

Your clay flowers look so awesome AND real that even real ones look like clay now! :)