Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gardenias, Gardenias, Gardenias...

I recently got an email from a bride in Australia asking me if I could ship there and if I could accommodate her New Year's Eve wedding. We conversed back and forth and she told me what she wanted, gardenias with the vintage silver, velvet millinery leaves and ivory velvet ribbon. She wanted a bridal bouquet and 10 corsages. She added one more for the flower girl because she wants to be like everyone else.... Too cute. :) So the flower girl I suggested we do a ribbon tie corsage because most likely the pearl wristlet would be too big.I mentioned to my bride that I would complete this order ASAP because with the holidays fast approaching and with customs and international shipping, I wanted to give this order ample time to get to Australia. It's interesting today because I got some gardenias from the floral supply place I often get my supply needs from. The manager there is such a nice person and I guess they had extra today. I rarely get to see gardenias up close and personal so it was a real treat and the fragrance is so wonderful! Although now that I see a real gardenia, I want to try and rework my gardenias. Granted there are various types of gardenias and various looks to them as well. I love this photograph that I took earlier today, so breathtaking. :)

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