Thursday, October 29, 2009

Clay Jack O' Lanterns for My Son's Classmates

My son has his Halloween parade at Pre-K tomorrow. It's the first big function at his school since the year started. He' has decided to be a T-REX. He's pretty darn cute. Most of the moms either send their kids with goodie bags for the other classmates and/or bring food for the party after the parade. Last year I didn't do anything because I didn't know we were supposed to, plus with my busy schedule I can't find the time to be a good mommy and make things for my son to bring to school.
I contemplated making something and then decided not to. Make goodie bags and then again, decided not to. Then last minute, literally this morning I decided I would make cute little clay jack o'lanterns with little tags on them so he could give them to his teachers and classmates. Hopefully they will be dry enough by tomorrow because I just finished them 10 minutes ago.
All made out of clay with a styrofoam ball cut flat on top and bottom. Used glitter glue to do the face. I wish I had planned sooner because I would have liked to paint them, but would his classmates really appreciate the painting? Probably not. LOL.

So my son said to me when he saw the pumpkins, "Thank you Mommy, you are the best Mommy I ever had." He asked me to make some with scary faces, happy faces and sad faces. Um... "You get what you get..."

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