Thursday, August 20, 2009

Victorian Elegance Bouquet - Cream and Ivory with Gold and Brown Accents

I am super busy trying to finish up 6 orders before we head back East. Sorry for my lag again in blog posts, but between trying to finish orders, teaching and taking my son to his swim classes, not much free time.
I have been very fortunate to get several international orders this year. The last bride was from Australia and this bride is from Ireland. My husband is half Irish ethnicity wise so I don't know why but this bouquet meant something to me. Maybe because I know that those who are Irish are PROUD to be Irish. :) One day we will visit.
Anyway, Jenny contacted me after she saw my Victorian Elegance bouquet on Etsy. She asked if I could do that for her wedding with some minor changes. She wanted the bouquet flowers to be in shades of ivory and cream. Because she and her maid of honor are not wearing traditional wedding gown and MOH dresses, she wanted the bouquets to have hints of gold and mocha. So I agreed to put mocha brown crystals in the center of the stephanotis instead of pearls or rhinestones. I also found this fabulous crystal spray that was like a goldish hue which worked out perfectly. I'm waiting to hear back from the bride as to what color overlay she wants for the stems. I love the colors. I think the monkey tail ferns, crystals and green accents really break up the ivory and cream hues.

Another simply stunning set of bouquets. They're off to Ireland on Monday! Wish I could fit in the box. LOL. :)


Jessie said...

Ooh, I love the colors and the fern details! Lovely!

marie christine said...

This bouquet is really beautiful !
Brittany is my favorite place in France and looks a little like Ireland so I would love to go there !