Monday, August 17, 2009

Classic White Stephanotis Bouquet

Sorry for my lag in blog posts again. It's been a tough few days and today has been even tougher, but I was able to finish a bridal bouquet for a bride, Nerissa in Australia this morning. She is getting married on October 3rd, but I had to get it done before we fly out to see my husband's family especially with the international customs lead time on top of transit time.
She loved my "Maggie" bouquet except she wanted more whitish pearls since she has white pearl beading on her dress. This is how it turned out. Congratulations to Nerissa and her fiance!
I'll be getting my focus in check tomorrow so I can focus on 2 other international bridal orders one for Canada and one for Ireland! Lots to get done this week as there's not much time before we leave to the East Coast and spend some very important time with Mom. :)

1 comment:

marie christine said...

Amazing !
This white colour is so...bright !
Like -I imagine- the beginning of the world, simple, pure, peaceful, happy, sweet...waoh !