Saturday, August 22, 2009

Becky & Isaac - Real Wedding Photos

I've been busy getting orders out the door and teaching classes before we head out on vacation a week from Monday. I did get a delightful email from one of my clients, Becky. Her professional photos were on her photographer's blog and she shared them with me. Becky bought a gardenia hair flower but it was a little too small and she wanted something more substantial and she asked for some leaves as well so this is how it turned out. I can't be certain, but I think she used the original flower she bought and had it converted into a boutonniere for Isaac (again, not for certain).
All the images are courtesy of Christine Farah Photography. You have to go to her blog because the photos are SO, SO, SO FABULOUS!Thank you Becky and Isaac for sharing the photos with me and my blog readers. :) As a side note, sorry about putting the copyright information of the photographer through some of the images but I've had two instances in the last month of people taking images that belong to me or the photographers who shared them with me to be able to use on my website/blog and have claimed the flowers to be their own. NOT COOL! So from now on, I've been forced to embed the copyright in the photos.

Thank you Becky and Christine for letting me share these images. Definitely check out Christine's blog! Amazing stuff and a TON more photos of Becky and Isaac's wedding and it's sure to please. Lots of great eye candy! :)


marie christine said...

A pleasure looking at all those wonderful photos, thanks for sharing !

Bex said...

Hello! Thanks for sharing on your blog! I really loved my hairpiece. Isaac's bout. was actually a real gardenia from our florist (Flower Allie) =]. Hard to tell b/c you capture their look in your pieces so beautifully!

DK Designs said...

Becky- OMG, I wasn't sure, but I kept thinking is that my gardenia. LOL. I'm glad that you told me it was your florist. :) Hard to tell from the images. Your wedding was absolutely gorgeous and the details were amazing. :) Congratulations again and thank you so much for asking me to create your hair flower. :)