Sunday, August 23, 2009

Elisa Inspired Bouquet - with a few modifications...

My client J.C. is local to the Bay Area, but she's having a destination Hawaii wedding and loved the Elisa bouquet I made. If you recall, Elisa had a destination Jamaica wedding. However, J.C., asked if she could make a few modifications. Instead of the orange cymbidium orchids, she requested mango callas and instead of pink hydrangeas, she requested white ones. This is how the bouquet turned out.
It's beautiful and it's not the same as the other bouquet. That's what I like about these bouquets, they are never the same and I try not to make them the same because every bride deserves a custom and unique bouquet that no one else will have. :)

I had to complete J.C.'s bouquet before I go out of town since she departs soon after our return so I wanted to make sure she had it in plenty of time. Best wishes J.C. to you and your fiance.


marie christine said...

Really beautiful mango callas and white hygrangea !

Anonymous said...

It's amazing!!!