Monday, August 24, 2009

All White Bouquets for Bridesmaids

My client Jeanny asked me to create her bridal bouquet and her bridesmaid bouquets. Traditionally the bride wants more white, but Jeanny requested that her bridesmaid bouquets be all one flower type per bouquet. So for one she decided on all white peonies and the other white anemone flowers with the black centers. I love these photos. I'm currently working on Jeanny's bouquet which will be vibrant purples and blues! It's going to be stunning. Hopefully you'll get to see it tomorrow if I manage to finish all the flowers tonight.
It's been a very hectic week and it's only Monday. I started teaching 2 students the accelerated classes so my days are full and then it's full steam ahead on finishing the bouquets and printed orders that must get completed before we leave on vacation. Let me tell you, I've never been so happy to go on vacation! It's been a long year, but a very good one, lots of clay flower orders and I'm so happy to have seen my business grow the way it has. I can only hope that 2010 brings more of the same. :)

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marie christine said...

Always delighted to see your work in progress, I enjoy the anemones !