Sunday, August 23, 2009

Chocolate Cosmos, Ivory Prince Hellebores, Gardenias and Tuberose

My bride, Kristen contacted me to see if I could create her wedding bouquet. She lives in Canada, but was very excited that I would be able to create her bouquet out of clay. Initially she had a ton of flowers she liked, but we narrowed it down to 4 flowers - chocolate cosmos, Ivory Prince hellebores, gardenias and tuberose. It's very striking. When I think of chocolate cosmos I think of brown, but in actuality they are more of a purplish burgundy color with hits of orange on the fringe.
Kristen is supposed to send me the green ribbon she would like to be on the stems, but I wanted to send her photos of the completed bouquet today so I could move forward with the rest of my orders. The next sets of bouquets will be exciting to share so I better get back to it. 3 more bouquet orders to finish as well as another wedding day details order. A full week of teaching a student from out-of-state to do as well this week.
Congratulations Kristen and best wishes to you and your fiance!


marie christine said...

I do love flowers and I have lots of different hellebores and cosmos in my own garden.
Well, I have to say yours are so realistic, your work amaze me !
I can nearly smell the perfume of the chocolate cosmos ! I love this bouquet so much !

Mikiye Creations said...

...just picking myself up off the floor!

WOW!!!! just doesn't even begin to express my awe!!!


Yes, as far as I am concerned you ARE THE BEST CLAY Flower Designer EVER!!!!

...gee, this comment makes me sound like I am 5 years old.

I guess I am just humbled by your work!
I get so excited and inspired!!!!