Saturday, July 4, 2009

My Destination France Bride's Order Complete!

Seems befitting that I finished my big destination France bride, Amanda's order today, 4th of the July. Why you ask? Because her flowers for her reception are blue and red! I've been frantically working all day every day to get flowers done. It took me 3 full days to get all these flowers done to fill 14 centerpieces of blue hydrangeas, deep red roses and rosey red dahlias, and 2 cake table centerpieces.
Here's how it all turned out. Even my husband told me that he loved the color combination and how it's out of my norm and that it was very striking. I still have to touch up with accent painting, but I am essentially done.I have lots of bouquet orders and print jobs to work on so this month will be as busy as last month. Believe me, in some ways, September's vacation cannot come soon enough! I've been working non-stop since... well, I can't remember when... that's how long! LOL.

Best wishes to Amanda and her French fiance! I'm so excited for them and happy that I could create her wedding day decor all the way from California! :)

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