Saturday, July 4, 2009

Nesting Newbies - For a Home Tweet Home!

My dear friend, Lea McIntosh is truly a gifted and VERY talented professional. There is no limit to what she can create! Her latest creation is Nesting Newbies, an Internet based cooking show for newlyweds who may need some help in the kitchen from cooking to creating the perfect dinner party. I have to say even for someone who can cook, even I learned a few new tricks that I've already tried and that work!(Photo courtesy of Allure West Studios)
Her first episode she shared with newbies, Tejas and Lacee Naik a delicious Italian Sausage Ragu. You have to try it because it's SO GOOD - it's tweetalicious! :) Be sure to watch the video. It's chalk full of helpful cooking tips. You can even advance and move backward in the video whenever you want to!
(Photo courtesy of Allure West Studios)
I have been fortunate to see the tapings and the work that goes into this production and it's nothing short of amazing. Lea has put together a top notch team. I'm excited to see what new recipes she develops and shares. Companies such as Christopher Ranch Garlic and Calphalon are taking notice of Lea's Nesting Newbies show. I couldn't be more proud of Lea and her team of professionals who help bring this show to life. Personally being on the set, a LOT goes into each taping and it makes for a long day, but the end result is an amazing cooking show where newlyweds get hands on experience in cooking a new dish based on the foods and ingredients they enjoy most.
I can't wait to see what Chef Lea and the next newbie couple cooks up next!

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Lea McIntosh said...

A HUGE thank you for your support! I am so glad you liked the recipe. More to come soon!

Thanks for coining another Nesting Newbies term "tweetalicious" Chirpin' amazing...that is what you are too! : )

DK Designs said...

Anytime! LOVE what you've got cookin'. You never cease to AMAZE me my friend! Can't wait to see what tweetalicious recipes you share with us next. :)