Thursday, April 23, 2009

Zenatona - Creating Printed Material for a Dear Friend

My dear friend Debbie Friedrich, of Debbie Friedrich Photography and zenatona art asked if I could help her to create some little tags to put on her muslin bags so that those who open the bag know that the piece inside is the print. A little back story, I got Debbie's "Sunkiss" print for my brother for his birthday and he almost pulled the backing off the canvas print. So, it made Debbie think about how she could let people know what they are receiving. :) So, I created this little tag with her "Kualoa Lime" logo print with the print name and her company.
She also asked if I could create some zenatona logo'd note cards for her to send to clients. These are the first samples I created for her.. I love working with Debbie on creating her branding pieces that go out to her clients. I'm one of her biggest fans. I have 5 of her prints and more on the way!


San Francisco Style Unveiled said...

We are HUGE fans of your work ... We'd love to showcase your work on San Francisco Style Unveiled ... We'd just need some recent photos :)

DK Designs said...

Thank you! I just sent an email with some links.

Debbie Friedrich said...

I too am a HUGE fan of your work! Thank you so much for taking time out of your incredibly busy days to work on zenatona tags and thank you / gift cards. I truly appreciate ALL your support my friend.
love ya!