Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Estilo Weddings Cake Flowers on!

Maria at Estilo Weddings just posted my new hair flowers on her site. Lots of options now and they all come in the reusable, eco-friendly muslin bags with the Estilo logo! She's really excited about the new eco-friendly packaging which is awesome.
I was perusing her Buzz page and Weddings section did an article on interesting cake toppers for weddings. Guess what was among the cool cake toppers? My cake flowers that I sell through Estilo Weddings! They called it ceramic, but it's actually not ceramic. LOL. It's such an honor to get exposure via a wonderful company such as Estilo Weddings. I know that it nowhere says DK Designs, but just knowing that Estilo Weddings gets exposure, so do I!
What a great day. I also got my first interior design customer who purchased one of my pieces for a designer friend of hers as a birthday present. This particular designer is excited to buy my designs to give to her family & friends for mother's day and her clients! More details to follow on things to come soon...

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