Friday, April 24, 2009

90 Mini Ranunculus for Place Cards

The earlier part of this week I spent making 90 miniature yellow ranunculus flowers with an individually cut center and 20 petals per flower, that are no larger than the size of a quarter, for my client. She is the mother of the groom. She wanted them for the place cards they are making for the wedding reception. I wish I had time to create some mock place cards to show how cute these would be on them for a wedding reception. I didn't have enough time so you'll just have to settle for a shot of some of them grouped together. I hope the groom's mother will share photos of them after the wedding. I still have yet to finish her hair comb and corsage she ordered, but those will be worked on and shipped by early next week.I hope to have more photos soon of another bouquet/boutonniere/corsage order I'm working on. Until then, may these beautiful, vibrant yellow ranunculus brighten your day!


Debbie Friedrich said...

I LOVE this yellow color you created! These are gorgeous .Great, great job on your product shots too!

Events by Evonne said...

Ooooh, I love them Diane. They look so cute!

Forever Blooms Decor Gifts said...

ooohh my... they are so cute and gorgeous...!