Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Loving My Lensbaby!

I bought some ranunculus and viburnum yesterday at the market as I love to look at the fresh flowers to help me improve on making my clay flowers more realistic. I decided this morning to take out my Lensbaby and take some shots. These are what transpired. So beautiful!!! I forgot to mention after my previous blogpost on using my Lensbaby on my clay flowers that Craig Strong (the creator/inventor of the Lensbaby) started following me on Twitter! How cool is that! I feel kind of weird because I don't even know the true potential of this amazing lens! But I am inspired by all my photographer friends who use it to keep playing with it and creating art through the camera lens!


Jenni Brehm said...

And he just twittered your link ;) Beautiful shots. I absolutely love the lighting on these!

i tried my lensbaby (a Muse) for the first time this weekend, including some Macro shots. Great experience and very different from my normal lenses.

Forever Blooms Decor Gifts said...

nice shots with yr baby lens..may i know what the brand of camera is it?

DK Designs said...

Shahida - I have a Nikon D40X. It's a baseline intro model to DSLR. The Lensbaby is a separate lens that can be used with different DSLR camera bodies in manual mode. You can see the Lensbaby product at