Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Coral Pink Ranunculus Arrangement Makes it on the Etsy Home Page

This morning I got an influx of Etsy convos and then I looked on how many people viewed my items listed for sale and one in particular saw a huge jump in traffic. I realized that maybe it was featured on the home page and low and behold there it was. My listing for the coral pink ranunculus in the urn style vase!!! It's always such a wonderful feeling when those around you love what you do. I also was featured in another artist's treasury picks today, which may or may not make it onto the homepage of handpicked items. It was my clay gardenia cake flowers!
Thank you to all the Etsians out there who have featured my clay art on their treasuries! I am truly honored and appreciative. The handmade artisan community is TOTALLY AWESOME! I've really been focusing on trying to look for unique gifts and items for myself on Etsy more than via the larger retailers. It's important to support the small business owners. Check Etsy out if you haven't already. So many wonderful items to purchase for yourself or as gifts. All handmade by the people around you! :)

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